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Summer Anime 2016!

Summer anime… It’s what you do when you have no life or the life you currently have is kicking you right where it hurts. I’ll let your vivid imaginations guess which one my situation is. Oh, and neither is mutually exclusive.

So what will I be reviewing once the entire season is over? Let’s take a look at the four I’ve taken fancy in recently.

Mob 1.gifMob Psycho 100: This was going to be an obvious choice. It’s from the same people who brought us One Punch Man, how could I not take interest in it? We’re going to have to get down to business to defeat the huns on this one. I have seriously high hopes for it. After watching episode one I can tell it’s going to be something I’m interested in. I actually have a thing for anime with interesting art styles, like Soul Eater or… Er… One Punch man… So this should be great.

Orange 1.gifOrange: I can assure you this anime is going to make me cry. I can just feel it in my soul. Episode 1 did a really good job of pulling the audience in and making them interested in the story line. I’ve always asked myself, “If I could give advice to a younger me… Would I do it?” And the answer is always, “Well Ash, look where you are now… Should probably start figuring out time travel now so you can prevent your existence.” So… I just have a feeling this is going to make me get in touch with my inner demons.

Taboo Tattoo 1.gifTaboo Tattoo: This season seems to be filled with great animation and art style, in my opinion. And Taboo Tattoo is no exception to that. I really do think it looks like a great anime that might actually gain a lot of popularity. Really it just looks like it’s worth my time. After watching it’s first episode, I got really pumped. Finally, a lead anime character that has trained to fight and wasn’t just shoved into a situation where they miraculously learned how! Plus, the neko girl scene made me fall in love!new_piskel__4__by_kyokomagika-d9qfjxa.gifLet’s just hope this isn’t another Charlotte… Ew.

Fudanshi 1.gifThe High School Life of a Fudanshi: While I always pick an anime to hate on, and I thought this would be the one for this season, I actually think I’ll end up liking this anime. No one comment that there may be a pattern with Ashley picking anime that may be yaoi… Actually, go ahead. I don’t mind. I just wish there was more yuri for my own personal preference (haha Ash likes girls, what a surprise). tumblr_me96wptli51qdlkyg.gif But anyways. I really hope that this is better than the anime I picked last season. I’m shivering just at the thought of ever having to watch Super Lovers ever again. I’m really hoping this one makes me laugh while also making me fall in love. So far, I’m interested despite the short length in episodes.

Well, that’s about it for this summer! I actually have high hopes for all the anime I picked out this time. While you wait for the seasonal review, I hope your lovely eyes enjoy the other things we will be doing here on the site! Until next time, you gorgeous people! tumblr_m9gcl3DN2F1qzckow.gif

Tell me what you guys are watching this summer in the comments below! Or, I mean, if you’re not busy doing actual things in society… 

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Anime Hero of the Month – Osamu Dazai


Alright, and here we go again! Time for another anime hero that has made our hearts soar like a majestic freaking eagle. And who is the amazing character this month? No other than the gorgeous Dazai.

Guys, I’m sure you all saw this one coming. I’ve been hinting, quite viciously, on my twitter just how much I love Bungo Stray Dogs. Dazai is, quite frankly, the love of my life. Everything about him is simply the best. The fact that he embodies everything I feel about my college life has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Absolutely nothing.

Actually, that is a lie. So instead of a typical Anime Hero of the Month, I will instead tell you exactly why Dazai is any college student, ever.

#1: The Want of Death’s Cold Embrace…

Dazai 1.gifIf you’re in college, or maybe even late into your high school years, you’ve probably felt this need too. There’s just so much going on, so many papers to right, work and scholarships breathing down your neck… It’s all just far too much! And with so much life still in us, it’s so unnerving to think of what the future will hold. What’s going to happen tomorrow? Am I going to fail that exam? Will I meet the love of my life? Will there ever really be a second season of Ouran Host Club?

But don’t worry guys, Dazai gets it. His love for death is something I think we all relate to more than we’d like to admit. Because wanting to tango with the dark lady herself isn’t as sad nor as dramatic as everyone likes to make it out to be. Sometimes, we embrace it with a smile and for no real known reason; much like Dazai. I’m not sure why Dazai wants to die, or why it has to be with a beautiful woman at his side, but I’ll have what he’s having!

#2: Bugging Your Bestie!

Dazai 6.gifI relate to this the most. I love to bother my best friends at random times in the day just to make them smile… Or sometimes to beg them to help me with a project… tumblr_m9gckikmxf1qzckow.gif Shout out to my Black Moor crew… But it’s not always the way you make it out to be! Sometimes you just need a friend. And most of the time, you believe in that friend.

Dazai does this a lot. Whether he’s bugging his partner or just showing up to mess around with Atsushi, you always get the sense that he genuinely cares about the person he’s with. I always got the sense that he loved to pester his friends with his quirky personality. If it wasn’t to make them smile, it surely made me!

#3: Handling Things Like an Adult. 

Dazai 4.gifYou know exactly what I mean. When in doubt, we peoples over the age of eighteen know exactly how to handle every difficult situation thrown at us! I’m telling you, there’s just something about reaching that magical age where you just know everything. It’s like the crystal skulls from Indiana Jones… So much knowledge… Your brain just sort of swells inside… Growing…

Ok, I’m lying. I myself cry when even a slightly difficult problem arises in my daily life.tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow.gif Don’t judge, we all handle things differently! And Dazai proves that quite a bit, actually. I loved anytime Dazai decided he was going to solve something. Especially in the beginning of the series where he and Kunikida played rock, paper, scissors to make a decision. Definitely something one of my friends and I would do together.

#4: Just Not Dealing With It. 

Dazai 2.gifYou know when you’re just done with something? When you’ve beaten the dead horse over and over? And you’re just done? Or maybe you just zone out long enough and when you come back to reality you’re like “oh”? That’s Dazai. Particularly when he disappears and his interactions with most people from the Port Mafia, I just get the feeling that he wasn’t really having it. Like most college students at the end of a semester.

But that doesn’t mean that he ever gives up! Well, other than the constant threats of merry suicide… Dazai always seems to fight on, as I think we all should! Which is what I think we can all take away from this Anime Hero of the Month. I really love this character for more than just his looks or witty humor. I also love the fact that he’s always looking out for his friends and pushing forward to make everyone stronger.

And that is why Dazai is not only a college student, as I hope I’ve proven in my 4 points, but also our Anime Hero of the Month!

Dazai 5.gif

Who was your anime hero this month? Post it in the comment section below or whisper it into your lover’s ear as they sleep! 

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Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto – Review

Sakamoto 2 Gif.gif

He is beauty, he is grace, he is the epitome of the human race; haven’t you heard? He’s Sakamoto!

I’m genuinely sad that this anime is over. It may have only been twelve episodes, but it was twelve episodes that defined my life. When I think of Sakamoto, I think of flowers blooming in the spring. And no, it’s not just because of the current gif headlining this post. He is Sakamoto-kun and he is simply the greatest.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is about the coolest high school student ever. Think back to your high school years and tell me, where you as cool as him? Fool! Of course not. I just told you, he’s what we as humans can only aspire to be! This anime follows the coolest kid around in his everyday life at school. And trust me, it’s far more entertaining than this definition. Just look at the gifs.

The Good:

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this was by far one of my favorite shows this season. Of course, please don’t watch it if you’re expecting anything even remotely close to serious. This isn’t Clannad.

Sakamoto 5 Gif.gifNo, this is definitely something different altogether. Which is why I loved it so much. I kept expecting things and then I’d find that I was pleasantly surprised at every turn, and that always came with me laughing uncontrollably. It was that element that really made this anime what it is. For example, every time one of Sakamoto’s friends had an issue, he helped solve it, but it was always in an unexpected way. If you ever guessed right at what he was going to do next, you have some serious super powers dude.

And really, there wasn’t much to this anime other than it’s random story lines for each episode. It was simplistic if we just took the theme of a high school student’s day, but that depends on the student right? Sakamoto is definitely and interesting character to the point that his day isn’t what your day will ever be like! I loved this character, and even the others, because the reality was that none of these high school students could really be called “normal”. At least in my humble opinion. Most of them had a quirk, and I think Sakamoto being around had a lot to do with that standing out.

The Bad: 

For what this anime is and what it was striving to be, I don’t think there was anything very off about it. I would argue that in the end, we still never really got to know who Sakamoto really was. But I still think that this part adds to the appeal of the show. It certainly gave an air of mystery to the character and to his overall agenda. But I will admit that I did get a little frustrated that we never really delved into his own story. We really only got to see some development at the very end, noticing that Sakamoto truly does care for all of his friends.

Sakamoto 4 Gif.gifAgain, I didn’t really think too much into this anime. It’s a comedy that wasn’t really meant to have any kind of serious undertone or main story. The basic objective in this series was to simply show the audience the coolest guy they’ll ever meet and how he interacts with his friends on a day to day basis, helping others accomplish and overcome their own struggles.


You should definitely watch this if you have the chance! It was worth it to take time our of my day for this anime. I never really felt anxious to watch another episode, nor did I ever shiver with anticipation when another one released, but I found it was good for down time and when I needed something light to watch and enjoy. Comedy for comedy’s sake.

Sakamoto 3 Gif.gif

Where you the coolest kid in school? Are you still? Tell me how you failed your mother in the comment section below! 


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Bungo Stray Dogs – Review

BSD 2.gif

Ladies, gentlemen and other distinguished individuals, I have found the love of my life. It is this anime. I think it is now one of my favorite series, actually. Really, between the story line, the art and music… I think it was great. I look forward to another season as well as my marriage to Dazai…

Bungo Stray Dogs follows the tale of the adorable Atsushi, an orphan who got kicked out of the orphanage for some strange reason and is now left to survive on the streets. Which he can’t seem to manage. Near the brink of death, he meats Dazai through a series of strange, suicidal events. And through another series of strange events, Atsushi is invited by Dazai to join the Armed Detective Agency. This agency is composed of those with supernatural powers, taking on the cases no one else can.

The Good:

What wasn’t good about this anime? Literally, everything about it to me was like mac & cheese, but like, the good kind that gets all gooey and has bread crumbs on top… Okay I have to stop myself before I get hungry.

BSD 7.gifI usually don’t comment on art style or soundtracks because, for a lot of the anime that’s been coming out in recent years, it seems to fade in the background and most of it looks the same to me, if I’m being honest. I know there are differences, do not get me wrong, but you can’t deny that some anime just seems… Generic. Like a white t-shirt. Bungo Stray Dogs did good in that it made itself more eye-catching and distinguished amongst the other anime that’d been released this season. If I could compare it to anything, it sort of reminds me of Persona; even the music makes me want to barge in to Tartarus or marry Mitsuru.

And the story kept me interested. I always get concerned with anime that revolves around anything superpower-esque, but this one did it right and I didn’t find it boring or disorienting. It wasn’t like Charlotte. On a scale of one to Charlotte, one being the best and Charlotte being… Charlotte… It wasn’t Charlotte.

BSD 6.gifI fell in love with the characters and I found it easy to remember what was going on with each new episode. Usually I have to remember where I left off, but Bungo Stray Dogs didn’t really make me do that. Instead, I found it so engaging and the characters so lovable that everything just got me really excited. And then there was the ships… So many ships… The Admiral of OTPS had to stop me on several occasions.

The humor of this anime was also very well balanced with the darkness it conveyed in the story. I never felt like it was purely humor or purely dark at any point in the season. It was like the baby bear porridge of anime.

The Bad: 

BSD 3.gifBecause nothing is without its flaws including myself which is why I cry at night! And this is not the appropriate place to talk about it so let’s talk about anime instead! (This is how I deal with most of my issues). What I will say I was disappointed with was that we never really got into depth with some of the other characters. And that may have been out of time restrictions, so I didn’t look too far into it.

BSD 5.gifI think that, because it was only twelve episodes, it had to move at a fast pace to keep up with all the information and the story’s direction. While there were episodes I could say were “filler” I don’t entirely believe that because it felt like each episode was trying to tell us just a little bit more about each member of the agency.

Maybe it’s just my bias or my need for more episodes, but I didn’t really find there to be anything necessarily bad about this anime at all. I think it was, for the most part, very balanced and well done.


I think you already know the answer to that question. This anime was awesome and I got really into it. I think what really brings it together is the fact that it’s very character-driven and the characters have great designs as well as dynamics. Overall, this is a must watch.

BSD 8.gif

Dazai is mine, you can’t have him… Don’t even argue with me in the comment section… 

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Joker Game – Review

Don’t you just love when something is surprisingly pleasant and you just want more of it after the fact? It took me two episodes, but I am actually in love with this anime. I feel like this could have been my Law & Order SVU for anime because I could have continuously watched episode after episode and never complained. While also eating food that I have no memory of.

Joker Game takes place just before and during WWII, following the story of a Japanese spy group known as the D-Agency. This is a team of elite spies, men whose real names we will never know, and the show tells us how each of them deals with their different missions as Japan enters a time of war. And boy, I could make so many awful jokes about the D-Agency’s name and its attractive members, but I have to leave something to the imagination so… Let’s get on with the actual review!

The Good:

I would have never thought that spies were my thing, let a lone an anime that takes place in WWII but, I actually found myself loving it. I love the fact that each episode talked about a different character and their stories as they were put in the field as spies.

joker-game-4Not only that, but it was really good at building in terms of time. It starts out when the D-Agency had just finished coming together and training was wrapping up, so when we finally get to episode 3, we see these men go out and do the job they were trained for. It also didn’t really bounce around in with different events that happened during the war; it was very linear and straight, unlike my sexuality.tumblr_m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow.gif

Each episode also stuck to the theme of the Joker game. In episode 1, we see the agency play this game and in the second episode we see it actually applied in practice. But the game is continuously relevant throughout the entire show. Which was also what kept it so amazing because the ending was already somewhat of a surprise.

joker-game-6Well, at least for me. Perhaps I am not as observant as some of the other viewers. It sort of felt like when my mother used to tell me things when I was a kid and I never found them relevant until I was an adult. The episode would give us hints, but unless you were perceptive and could see that far ahead into the plot, it was always one step ahead of you.

The Bad:

So this anime was not without its flaws. I knew Joker Game was going to be good, but I did not anticipate it to be my cup of tea since I’ve never been much of a spy fan. What also threw me off was its presentation of the first two episodes. I could have done without Sakuma, he sort of killed my buzz. But Miyoshi… Whew… What a cutie… He gave me the strength to go on.

joker-game-3And for as smooth as the members of the D-Agency are, there were some episodes that I found somewhat awkward or that didn’t totally make sense to me from a real-world point of view. For example, the episode titled Ceberus had a really awkward ending, in my opinion. I liked the story, it was really well done in it’s mechanics, but I felt that giving up her child to a strange man at the end so she could turn herself in was… Odd?

Like, really lady? We’re just cool giving this kid to some dude you just met? And he was totally fine just taking this little girl and her dog in? And then later, when we see the members all together again, I’m pretty sure that guy was still there. W-what? What happened to the girl? Where is she now? W-w-what???

joker-game-5This sort of thing happened a couple times throughout the season, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. Really, I didn’t find it to be problematic, mostly because I realized emotional turmoil of that level would throw the show off the steady beat it had built throughout the series. I guess the only other  thing that was really bad was that one dude’s face. You know the one I’m talking about.


Watch this anime. It is definitely worth it. I think, not only was it well done and suspenseful, but for the amount of episodes you got, it was definitely an accomplishment I’ve only seen a few anime achieve. Sort of like college students trying to get a job in the field they got their degree in. Keep trying, buddy.


Are you a spy? What’s your spy name? Leave your info in the comment section so I can personally compromise you!