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How Cosplay Helps Me


So for those of you who don’t know, I suffer from some serious anxiety and self-acceptance. Usually, these two things are not mutually exclusive… It can be tough to say the least. It’s taken me a long time to accept a lot of personal things about myself that have fed those two awful attributes. But what I’ve learned is that the more I accept, the happier I am with myself. My body has been an ongoing struggle that I’m in between accepting and not accepting.

13418696_10153618193805205_8568140868122434649_nThere are a lot of articles about how cosplay has helped people learn to love their bodies. In fact, my interview with miss Becca Davila was all about that! In our podcast together, she talked about how cosplay made her feel and the positivity that came with it.

So this year for Vegas’s Sabakon, I got three actual, legitimate cosplays together for all three days. And I think it was probably the best time of my life if I’m being honest.

I’ve been to Sabakon before, in fact it was the first anime convention I’d ever been to, but there is a difference to the con experience when you’re in a cosplay and everyone is calling your character’s name.

It was so awesome to have people think my cosplays were good and ask me to take photos. Of course, my Zillyhoo is never to be taken lightly and most the Homestuck fans that attended thought it looked nice. But my Undyne cosplay really killed that Saturday and King was so comfortable to wear, I think I could sleep in his outfit.

A lot of it had to do with the feeling that my hard work paid off. That people genuinely liked my cosplay. And the other part was something that I’ve been trying to be more and more open about which is showing off my body more.

img_46731.jpgI was so worried that my body would make the costumes and outfits look out of place or that my face wouldn’t fit right and everything would be off. But when people come up and ask to take a photo with you, or when they just tell you that you look great… The feeling of approval feels worth it.

And I get that sometimes it can be nerve wracking to go up and ask someone for a photo or even just to tell them you like their cosplay. I know that for the entire weekend there were a lot of cosplay crushes I had that I just wanted to go up and tell them “Hey! You! You look like a golden unicorn standing on a cliff during a burning sunset watching two whales sing love songs to each other as their day ends!” but, alas, I was way too shy.

I guess there are two things to take away from this. One, if you want to cosplay, do whatever it takes to make it happen. The way it’ll make you feel… Trust me, it’s worth it. This isn’t to say that other people’s opinion or approval matters, because it doesn’t, but there will always be people at conventions who will support you. It’s nice to be able to meet those people, you know? And two, if you’re at a con and you really like a person’s cosplay, tell them! They put in a lot of work and I’m sure it will mean the world to them.

If you guys have the time, I did actually get published for covering Sabakon 2016, so check out the article on Las Vegas Informertumblr_m9gcy6mxn61qzckow.gif Or, if you want to check out my personal cosplay endeavors, check out my Instagram at ashleysanime!

Have fun fellow cosplayers, see you out there!


What do you cosplay? Tell me in the comment section below! 

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Check This Out!

This month, I found some pretty crazy stuff, but it was actually all things you could buy! School is just around the corner people, so I think it’s time to get your otaku school shopping done. Click any of the lovely links to find amazing items made with you in mind!

  • First of all, I was surfing that gorgeous thing called Etsy. Now I know with the last links I gave you, I directed you to this lovely site, but I was surfing through and decided to send you links to a wardrobe specifically made for an otaku such as yourself! This lovely necklace that says you’re ready to take on the day, this shirt that tells others you’re a people person, and if it’s getting cold outside? This sweater will do you good!
  • But that’s not all we have from Etsy! Did you like Clannad? Do you want to relive all the awful memories while you sleep at night? Do the voices still tell you to watch that anime until you are numb from lack of emotion? Have no fear! Dango plushies are a great way to really squeeze out your feelings without having to watch the anime all over again!
  • I actually cried when I saw this, but Dazai is going to have his own nendoroid and it’s up for pre-order on Amazon. I don’t even have anything to say about it other than I want to cry… It’s so beautiful…tumblr_me96wn0j2Q1qdlkyg.gif
  • Speaking of Amazon and Tokyo Ghoul (we were talking about Tokyo Ghoul right?) I actually found Kaneki’s mask for a relatively cheap price! And with Prime! If you guys like that and want a mask, go get it here!
  • Are we done with the school shopping? I think not. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “But Ashley, don’t we need a backpack, maybe a binder… Pencils?” Wrong friendo. What you need is a Pokemon Power Bank. It’s just a portable charger for your phone that looks like a poke ball. With the Pokemon Go hype in full swing, you’ll be the coolest kid in school if you have one of these. I’m worried about your social life. Please go get one.

Well, that’s it for now kiddos. I hope you have a great time getting back to school (which starts… When?) but in the meantime, spend your hard earned money on something with value that only a true geek, such as yourself, could understand.


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Why Did I Watch This Anime? The Seven Deadly Sins.


7ds4A little later than I would have expected, but I had promised to write my thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins anime. I think after my Anime Hero of the Month on King, and the fact I also cosplay him, it would have been very apparent to my followers exactly how I feel towards this anime. So without further ado, I will tell you exactly why I watched this beautiful orchestra for the eyes!

7ds2The Seven Deadly Sins is about a chick, who is a princess but dresses like she’s going to a kink fest/call-me–daddy con, who goes in search of a group of knights to help her do some stuff. I don’t know. Like grocery shopping er… Something. Just kidding! Elizabeth, the princess, needs the Seven Deadly Sins to reunite and help her reclaim her kingdom. The issue is, this group of elite knights disbanded after thought to have tried to overthrow the kingdom of Liones. The anime thus far has shown Elizabeth’s trials to get the group back together as well as trying to take back her kingdom.

What I noticed about this anime, right off the bat, was the art style. It was a little different then what I had been used to. In fact, I’d actually discussed this anime with a few other friends and some of them were adamant about not watching because it looked a little too cartoonish. I think in this respect, it sort of reminded me of Soul Eater and that might have been part of the reason why I like it. It wasn’t an important quality to me, really, but I think if that’s the reason you didn’t watch it, you’re missing out!

7ds5The character’s were what really got to me the most. I absolutely loved the layout for each and every one of them. I don’t think there was a single character that I could fully despise. They were interesting, colorful and it felt like each of them had a full story. Usually when an anime has so many characters, it can be difficult to give each one a proper background, but I thought this one did a good job in that department.

It wasn’t like Fairy Tail season one where most of the people in the background didn’t even move or have faces, lets put it that way. It felt like anyone who was going to be relevant was given a proper introduction and something to do in order to fulfill their purpose.

7ds3Also, the love dynamics were awesome. Sue me, I’m a sucker for love. It was great to see King’s crush for Diane and how much he cares for her, but her love for the captain and his love for Elizabeth, but there’s this whole thing with him and she clearly digs him too and- you know what. Run on sentences need to chill. You get my point though, there was so much going on in terms of the relationships (even non-romantic ones) that it really did feel like each character had a deeply rooted connection to the other.

So why did I watch this anime? Because overall, the whole thing was just great. I don’t think this blog post could do this series justice. My words can only hold so much detail and talent, but this anime is now one of my absolute favorites. I adore it. The comedy components, the characters, the drama it held… All of it just went really well together. Really, if you’re looking for a series to binge on, this is probably the one. Believe me, you will leave Netflix wanting to marry this anime.


Have an anime you think I should watch? Submit a title to me and tell me why your Inyasha fetish has gone out of hand in recent years. No other requirements necessary: it can be old or new, good or bad, my cat or your lack of personality!