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Midterms left me with very little time to blog and do the things that are important to me! But alas, with the love of the mighty Elliot, I pulled through and returned from war to my sweet, sweet lovers; my readers!

And yet, we cannot celebrate just yet. I know, what a shame! Two weeks of silence and I return to give you… What exactly? Another gorgeously composed list of links for you to enjoy! The last time we did this, I reminded you that it was time to get ready for school, but the semester is almost over which means it’s time to celebrate! And while we’re not quite in the Christmas season yet, here are some articles and gifts to treat yo self!

  • Japanator recently celebrated Halloween with some spooky anime series you should watch, even if the holiday is over. Couldn’t agree more with Sword Art Online. Not gonna say much on this one because once you read/watch it, you’ll understand. And I though I was the only meme in the journalist community.
  • I really liked this editorial on fairy tales in anime by Rebecca Silverman on Anime News Network. The article is long, but it is definitely worth the read, trust me. It’s got two things I love; fairy tales and anime. How can you miss on this one? You can’t. Read it.
  • I may be jumping on late, but I recently saw this new anime feminist website called… Er… Anime Feminist! As a GSS major, I highly recommend this blog to anyone who’s both a feminist and an anime lover. So far, I’ve loved the articles written and the discussions it’s had and I think this group of writers is really hitting some major topics. I urge you guys to follow this new site!
  • Before we go, we’ve got some stuff to buy! ‘Cause you know that if I had money I would have a serious problem! First off, I’ve been getting into Touken Ranbu -Online- recently and I gotta say, the figures for it are pretty amazing. I actually want to collect all if its nendos (which if you’ve seen my Instagram, you probably already know I have a problem). Regardless Orange Rouge is coming out with this lovely Monoyoshi Sadamune figure that I think you guys should pre-order!

Well, that’s all for now all you cute kittens! My hope is that, now that midterms are over, I will have a more regular schedule once again!

Have any links you want me to check out? Leave them in the comment section below! tumblr_me96whp1xs1qdlkyg

Anime, check this out, links 0 comments on Check This Out!

Check This Out!

This month, I found some pretty crazy stuff, but it was actually all things you could buy! School is just around the corner people, so I think it’s time to get your otaku school shopping done. Click any of the lovely links to find amazing items made with you in mind!

  • First of all, I was surfing that gorgeous thing called Etsy. Now I know with the last links I gave you, I directed you to this lovely site, but I was surfing through and decided to send you links to a wardrobe specifically made for an otaku such as yourself! This lovely necklace that says you’re ready to take on the day, this shirt that tells others you’re a people person, and if it’s getting cold outside? This sweater will do you good!
  • But that’s not all we have from Etsy! Did you like Clannad? Do you want to relive all the awful memories while you sleep at night? Do the voices still tell you to watch that anime until you are numb from lack of emotion? Have no fear! Dango plushies are a great way to really squeeze out your feelings without having to watch the anime all over again!
  • I actually cried when I saw this, but Dazai is going to have his own nendoroid and it’s up for pre-order on Amazon. I don’t even have anything to say about it other than I want to cry… It’s so beautiful…tumblr_me96wn0j2Q1qdlkyg.gif
  • Speaking of Amazon and Tokyo Ghoul (we were talking about Tokyo Ghoul right?) I actually found Kaneki’s mask for a relatively cheap price! And with Prime! If you guys like that and want a mask, go get it here!
  • Are we done with the school shopping? I think not. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “But Ashley, don’t we need a backpack, maybe a binder… Pencils?” Wrong friendo. What you need is a Pokemon Power Bank. It’s just a portable charger for your phone that looks like a poke ball. With the Pokemon Go hype in full swing, you’ll be the coolest kid in school if you have one of these. I’m worried about your social life. Please go get one.

Well, that’s it for now kiddos. I hope you have a great time getting back to school (which starts… When?) but in the meantime, spend your hard earned money on something with value that only a true geek, such as yourself, could understand.