I love hosting cosplay photos here on the site! It’s all about inclusiveness and diversity. So please don’t be shy: if you have an awesome cosplay please submit it for the community gallery!

However, I do have some qualifications. The photo does need to be clear, it does not have to be professional (though professional photos are allowed). Please let me know the following:

  • You MUST fill out the consent form! Two simple clicks with your full name and email address! General consent only means that it will be used in the community gallery; I will not post it anywhere else.
  • Who took the photo.
  • Where the photo was taken if it was at an event or convention for cosplay/geek fandom.
  • The name of the character (optional).
  • Additional information you might want on the photo caption (so long as it is appropriate).
  • Please submit JPGs as the photo’s format! You can submit the actual photos through any of my social media found on my Contact Page.

 So get in touch and flaunt the amazing cosplayer you are! Elliot and I look forward to seeing your amazing cosplays!