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Kaiju Girls – Review

An adorable monstrosity, I have to say this was a cute little anime that was easy to watch and even easier to enjoy. Even though these short, five minute anime confuse me a little (it’s gotta be tough pushing a story line into a five minute episode) I still found this to be like Pringles. Yeah, one chip isn’t going to be enough so you have to keep eating more in order to fill up your stomach, and your loneliness.

Too real? Too bad. Let’s get on with the review!

Their happiness is my happiness.
Don’t let your memes be dreams guys.

The Good:
For five short minutes, I found myself falling in love with the characters pretty fast. Miku is my absolute favorite! Not only that, but I can see their outfits being seriously adorable cosplays. If I don’t see one at Otakon I will be very upset; if you cosplay any of them I will ask for a photo and your first born. I have to commend creators who take on making small anime like this. For the length, there’s not really a lot you can do. While Kaiju Girls is in no way deep or meaningful, I never felt like I was wasting my time watching it.
It was certainly worth the watch and definitely cute. I think if anything, it was really nice to look at. It’s sort of like my expensive vase or trophy spouse in terms of anime; no, not a lot is going on and it’s not really worth as much as you’d think, but it’s nice to look at and fills my soul with purpose, even if for only a second.

The Bad:

I literally couldn’t get mad at this anime.

The biggest issue I’ve been having with short anime is that they don’t necessarily evoke anything in me. Kaiju Girls is certainly adorable and cute, but I never felt like I fully backed the girls on their decisions or their desires. I sort of felt indifferent to the story line and character struggles the entire season, and I feel like it didn’t have to be like that.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you keep in mind the time restrictions, I think it makes sense as to why you’re not really feeling anything towards the characters and their overall quests as people; you simply don’t have time to! It’s like when your teachers give you an essay where you get to actually write about your opinion. Sure, you have a good argument and you’re passionate, but do you really have the time to spend making it? Better yet, do you even want to spend the time to do it? I think not. And to be honest, I think this anime would only work as a five minute anime; any longer and it might not have been as good.

Kitty Rating:

I can never give small anime like this more than three Ellibum emojis; it really wouldn’t be fair when I think of other great anime that put a lot more story development and animation into their series like Izetta or knock-off Magi Madoka. That being said, I still think if you have the time you should watch this anime. It’s certainly cute, just like Elliot. And if you think Elliot is cute (which you all do, else wise you wouldn’t be here) you’ll think this is cute!

When you getting ready to go to the club with the squad…

What do you guys think of these short anime? Do you like them more than full length anime?

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Magical Girl Raising Project – Review

What the hell even was this show? No, no… Please, someone explain to me exactly what I watched.

Right off the bat, the first thing I thought of was Magi Madoka, but by far more gorey and screwed up. I mean… The comparison was just uncanny. The design of the main girls was almost a copy of Magi Madoka in it’s entirety, but the roles they played and the personalities even solidified it or me. I was even worried that this would surpass one of my favorite anime of all time.

But no. At the end of the day I found this to just be a Madoka-parody slasher. And while there were many aspects I liked, but in the end I found it to not be as good or shocking as promised from episode one.

She was INNOCENT. She deserved HAPPINESS!!! ( ≧Д≦)

The Good:


I have to say, I really enjoyed the character designs for this anime. While they were extremely close to Madoka characters, I thought they still held merit as characters on their own and still were extremely cute. The art and animation for this show was really well down and I found myself rooting for a lot of the girls. Not to mention, to see Sister Nana and Winterprison as a couple was a big highlight for me. I think Winterprison was the first butch lesbian I’ve ever seen in an anime! She was amazing and I felt she was really well done.

I felt that the girls characters were pretty cool in their development. La Pucelle was something I hadn’t even thought of before, but I really enjoyed the idea of a boy being able to be a magical girl. I thought some of the story lines for the characters were overall progressive in their own right, even though the outcomes were not at all what I wanted, I still found a liking to a good majority of the characters overall. It was special in its own way. I guess I should put its drawings up on the fridge from now on.

The Bad:

Hardgore the Edgehog has returned to reclaim the throne.

I think the biggest issue I had with this anime was that it was basically just being gorey for shock value and not really story.  I feel like it’s unfair to compare it to Magi Madoka; it’s like comparing a younger sibling to their older, more talented and better looking sibling. But it’s really hard not to, this anime was going for too much of the same goals that Madoka achieved. Whereas the story line for Madoka went from innocent to showing how dangerous and scary it could be to fight witches, Magical Girl Raising Project simply wanted to pin magical girls together for slaughter factors.

Not only that, but there was so many girls. It was hard to get attached to any of them because you didn’t have enough time with the individual characters. For a good portion of the characters I liked, I found out more about them right before they were put to the bloodiest death imaginable. It made it really hard to get shocked about anything either; especially when you figure they’re all going to die. Alongside that, the main villainous magical girl gets killed far too early in the series. In fact, a lot of powerful characters do! I felt it would have been much better to keep those girls alive until the very end for a powerful or more tactful ending. I mean… Swim Swim? The girl’s name doesn’t even sound good let alone threatening.  

Kitty Rating: 

Let me try to explain this score. The angry Elliot goes for all the traumatic deaths I had to endure from day one; especially since the only girls I liked from this show died like right away. The perturbed Elliot is for how cliche the anime was and how it reminded me too much of Magi Madoka, but like, if Magi Madoka had decided lose its marbles and go ham on everyone. And finally, the amused Elliot was for the girls I did like, especially character designs. It was very appeasing to look at, it just wasn’t nearly as exciting as everyone made it out to be.

It was a little amusing to see who was going to be dropped for each episode, but after a while it just became a little too much. And it just felt like the wrong girls were staying alive until the very end. The whole thing was just… Off. But overall, it wasn’t the worst thing I watched. In fact, I thought it had some merit as entertaining, but please be careful because it really can get overwhelming. So I mean… I guess if it’s your thing… Watch it?

Kyubey was way worse, but this ^ was still annoying.

Which magical girl from Magical Girl Raising Project did you like best? Let me know! 

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Izetta: The Last Witch – Review

I almost got the anime I wanted. Almost. When I first announced that I would be watching this anime for review, I’d expressed how I really wanted to see it turn into a great queer anime for women; one made for queer women to enjoy rather than men. And while Izetta was definitely the one anime Elliot and I loved the most, out of almost all of the anime we watched this simulcast, it certainly disappointed me in a few aspects. It was kind of like when you think you’re going to eat a chocolate chip cookie and instead, after taking a savory bite, you find out it’s raisin.

She is the magical girl of my dreams!!! ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚

It was not at all that Izetta was in any way bad, but it did fall short on some of the promises it seemed to be making throughout it’s show. I mean, maybe that analogy didn’t work if you really hate raisin cookies (I for one find them pleasant with gingerbread tea and Elliot on my lap) but think about something that is only mildly disappointing, but not unpleasant at all.

The Good:


I loved this anime enough that it has now become one of my favorites. And while it does fall short in some aspects, I think it picks itself up more than anything else with its fantastic story and characters. I found myself really rooting for Finé and Izetta the whole time. And not just to get together either (because I really hope that’s a thing)! Their personal stories and their fight for their country was really well written, I thought.
The passion we see them give towards the war as well as their goals is not uncommon in anime like this. But the characters themselves really rejuvenate that trope and give the overall anime life. Alongside that, I think the relationship between Izetta and Finé was definitely a healthy queer relationship for an audience who hasn’t seen a healthy portrayal of themselves in anime in a while. While they never seem to be officially cannon, I do think they heavy hints at their love for each other is something important to take note of.

The Bad:

This is the raisin part. Unfortunately, we never see Izetta and Finé become cannon because nothing really happens to solidify this. There’s a lot of hugging, tearful eyes and passion that goes on between the two. And of course they say they have love for each other, but it seems to dance around whether or not this is a platonic love or a romantic love (which I think is important).

I love them. Innocent, pure, innovative, never been done before, inspirational, the stuff of life…

Make no mistake, I still would categorize this as a queer anime for the way the relationship is treated and portrayed, but from the research I’ve done, I’ve found nothing that really sets the relationship in romanticized stone. I hope the creators come out with something soon to say about this. But regardless, I’ve seen a lot of anime that have queer women but don’t specifically show their affections for each other in a way that isn’t pandered to men (and if it’s not to men than it’s not shown at all).

Kitty Rating:

I would say this is a fair rating! It may be a raisin cookie, but it’s my raisin cookie and I love it all the same! This was not a bad anime by any means and I think it is definitely a must-watch from this season. Elliot and I loved to watch this during the cold season as it helped warm us up; I think my cold-frosty heart actually beat for once! So despite its short comings, I think if you’re looking for something sweet to watch, watch this raisin cookie.


How many of you are buying the Izetta nendo coming out soon? I know I am! 

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Body Positive Anime Segments!

Welcome back anime lovers! In an earlier post, I’d mentioned that we would be making a body positive series here on the blog! I’m here to announce that this will be a reality. But each episode will be a little different, so I’m going to tell you who’s currently going to be on the podcast for each of these episodes and how we are breaking them up!

The categories are:

  • Body Shape/Size: Becca Davila, Allison Wolch & Adam Barba
  • Disability: Dylan Wickersham
  • Gender: Dylan Wickersham & Adam Barba
  • Skin Tone: Becca Davila & Clover Grayson
  • Body Parts: Becca Davila, Allison Wolch & Dylan Wickersham

Some of these lovely people you may know from previous work done at Black Moor, which is where we host our own podcast as well. Becca has been on Ashley’s Anime before (granted, it was known as Geekery Gears back then) but she also voices Hattie on Bosh & Brave. Clover Grayson also voices Paige Hopkinson and Adam voices captain Alex Stranwood. If you’re unfamiliar with their work, you can check them out here!

Dylan and Allison also work with Black Moor, but on projects that are not out yet. Until then you’ll get to hear their awesome comments in this new series we’re producing. We honestly look forward to it as these topics are something we’re genuinely passionate about. We can’t wait for you guys to join us and listen in! As with last time, there will be an article component to each podcast but you should definitely take a listen!

Also, fair warning, with scheduling issues and other mishaps, this list is likely to change as we begin producing the series. So please stay tuned! Subjects may be added, dropped/fused with other and people may have to back out. Regardless, we will try to hit everything we can within this series. And if we don’t, it only means there’s room for next time!

See you then cuties!

If we missed something and there’s a topic you’d like to hear us discuss, leave it in the comment section below! 

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5 Strong Women in Anime

(Amazing fanart above by pearsfears)

I don’t think it’s an unknown fact that I, Ashley Glenn, am a huge women’s rights activist. I mean, one of my majors is Gender and Sexuality, it’s the most cliche thing I can do. So I’m sure you were assuming that this article would be about how women are misrepresented in anime and how horrible anime is for drawing girls as sex objects with unrealistic figures. While I can agree with some of those statements to an extent, I figured it was time to showcase some of the anime women that have really done it right!

There are plenty of women in anime who haven’t played self conscious school girls or fought to win over affections. So, in honor of Women’s History Month and in no particular order, here are my top five strong women in anime.

1. Olivier Mira Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist 

#goals (Image from myanimelist)

Seriously, “strong” is literally her name. Who doesn’t love Olivier? Every time I think of a strong woman, I think of her. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Ashley, why do you think of an anime woman before other historical icons in women’s history?” and to that I say, “Eh.” and shrug with no emotion. Olivier is tough and the way she handles situations and just gets things done has always been a quality I admire a lot. I mean even her buff brother is terrified of her and the amount of respect she gains is just… Whew. I wanna be that chick! She’s constantly being herself and not afraid to take matters into her own hands or even step back when necessary . The thing about Olivier is that she isn’t trying to be a likable character. She has qualities about her that our society often condemns about women, but you can tell she’s not there to make friends. She’s there to do her job and ultimately save lives; as long as everyone under her command respects her, she could care less. I can’t describe the sort of crush I have on Olivier, but I can assure you it’s a major one.

2. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

#bae (Image from Wikia)

Erza is something else altogether and there are very serious reasons I like her. Joking aside, the reality Erza faced during her childhood and the emotional trauma she’s had to overcome is a testament to variety in anime characters. I like that she has a very dark past and still struggles with fears while being one of the toughest girls in the guild. And while she’s often put in roles of leadership or given the task of saving her guild mate’s hides, at the end of the day Erza still sees herself as just a normal member with no extra baggage. Sure, she wants to protect the people she loves and she often demonstrates her strength, but when she does this there’s never any additional weight to her words. She simply does what any other member in the guild would do. I don’t know how someone couldn’t admire Erza. I believe what the kids would call her these days is referred to as, ehem, “bae”.

3. Madoka Kaname from Magi Madoka

#justgirlythings (Image from Wiki

You guys had to see this one coming, I mean… The amount of love I have for Magi Madoka is borderline obsession. But there’s something I like about Madoka that we don’t really talk about in the anime community (or even just the community in general) as much as we should, in my humble opinion. You see, lil Kaname isn’t your typical thought when you think of  a “tough” or “strong” girl. She’s so young, soft-spoken and kind. I think we often refer to women like Olivier or Erza who have a certain edge to them. But that doesn’t always make you strong, just like being considered “feminine” or “gentle” makes you weak! In fact, it’s these silly terms that can make a strong woman. Madoka is a very selfless person who makes sacrifices for the people she loves and is willing to do whatever it takes to resolve conflict (no wonder Homura wants to wife her). I think it’s these qualities that I admire most about her character and I think should be celebrated more as a sign of strength.

4. Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins

#bodypositive (Image from hugenerdproblems)

Oh goodness, I cannot wait to write my thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins, but for now let’s just talk about this gorgeous giant with a hammer. Diane reflects what I think a lot of women feel about themselves; they want the same thing that every girl does even if it’s unrealistic. For those of you who don’t know, Diane is a giant. With a major crush on the captain of their group, we often see Diane question if he isn’t attracted to her because of her size. I really do believe Diane embodies the insecurities modern girls feel about themselves, even if that wasn’t her intent. She overcomes things, and it’s not really ever for the guy she likes either, despite her major crush on the captain. Usually she just does it because she wants to. And eventually, I think we see that she really comes around to see her size will never be an issue and, in fact, it’s an awesome advantage. Even though she’s very overly affectionate and jealous (hence her sin) I love that she can have these “flaws” and still be an independent person when it comes down to it. Her spirit is really what gets me.

5. Bellemere from One Piece 

#livestrong (Image from myanimelist)

You should have also seen this one coming! How can I live without something One Piece related in this post? Honestly, I admire all of the women in One Piece as much as I admire all the girls in Magi Madoka, however I think Bellemere takes the cake. She not only was a tough marine, she saved two girls and chose to raise them as a single parent despite living in poverty herself. That my friends is something to admire. Not to mention, raising Nami is enough for any mother to get a gold star in my book (’cause what a handful that was #amiright?). I can’t express how important this character is and I think it’s obvious why. But other than the things she did in her life, Bellemere stood for a lot too. A lot of terrible things happened to her but she never backed down and fought until the very end. That fighting spirit is something we see a lot of in anime, but when I saw Bellemere show just how far a mother goes for her children, I cried. If you don’t see the reason why she’s important… Well… I don’t know what to say to you.


There are a lot of women to admire in anime. People always talk about the nervous school girl stereotype with boobs that seem to defy the laws of physics when it comes to women in these shows. But I think the women I’ve talked about today are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the really realistic, female characters we can find in amazing anime that aren’t made purely for fan service. I agree that I think women could be a lot more, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day I still love the characters I’ve seen myself or other women I admire in.

Tell me which women you admire in the comment section! Come on, we can make this list longer!