No, no I am not dead; I’m still very much alive and actively writing!

“But Ashley, you’ve been so behind and non-existent!”

Well no, not exactly. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will see that I have been pretty active and very much… Existing! But I have not done my due diligence with this blog the way I would like to. Since January, my life has changed drastically and so I feel it’s time I update you lovely readers on all the wonderful things going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, we moved! My partner and I, and of course Elliot, finally have a place to call our own and have been adjusting since late January when we officially packed up and left. This is something we’ve been working towards for the last year; now that it’s finally happened, we’re so very grateful and excited to start this next adventure in our lives.

Elliot is actually happier than anyone with this move. We were worried what separating him from his biological brother would do, but since Elliot has never been the alpha it seems he finally has his own space to grow. Hard to believe as it is, Elliot actually got bullied quite frequently by both his brother and the other resident cat at my parent’s house. His whole demeanor has changed and he is now the king of the house!

We’ve also made some major additions to our family. I did post this to my social media, but we started expanding back in September with the addition of two ferrets, Bristol and Briar. Since our move, we’ve now rescued another ferret named Basil and have added two crested geckos to the mix; Nozdormu and Alexstraza.

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For those of you who do follow Black Moor, this does mean we have a new studio location [official post to come soon with additional info]. The second room in our apartment is now a dedicated office to all of our projects. I don’t have any official photos of the studio yet, but once we’ve finished putting together the last bits we want to improve, we will be posting it on our website! And you know we’re going to have a fish tank in here asap.

In other news, I did say I have still been writing. I’ve expanded my workload and now have started working with a few different publications. If you want to know which ones, please check out my Twitter feed where you can see all the official articles I repost. I love the sites I’m currently working for as the teams are so wonderful, unique and helpful!

My journalism career has not been the reason for less blogging, however. In fact, the readjusting to my new life has been the biggest culprit in creating a steady schedule. This will be my last year in college, as I am on track to graduate this fall, and I’m currently finishing my final praxis research project. Getting two degrees has set me back a semester, which is already more than I would have liked, but I am excited nonetheless! In addition, I’ve made the goal to try to get into grad school which has been another large feat taking quite a bit of my time. My latest scholar’s schedule has been rough and time consuming, leaving other projects to be in a sort of limbo state.

Now that it’s been about a month since our official move, I’m settled in enough to get things back on track; including Ashley’s Anime. There will be regular posts on this blog, new episodes on Black Moor and The Untold Vale is now underway and accepting submissions!

So please stay tuned, I’m not dead yet! If I am, you’ll know because I’m fairly certain Elliot will eat me.

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