Alright, and here we go again! Time for another anime hero that has made our hearts soar like a majestic freaking eagle. And who is the amazing character this month? No other than the gorgeous Dazai.

Guys, I’m sure you all saw this one coming. I’ve been hinting, quite viciously, on my twitter just how much I love Bungo Stray Dogs. Dazai is, quite frankly, the love of my life. Everything about him is simply the best. The fact that he embodies everything I feel about my college life has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Absolutely nothing.

Actually, that is a lie. So instead of a typical Anime Hero of the Month, I will instead tell you exactly why Dazai is any college student, ever.

#1: The Want of Death’s Cold Embrace…

Dazai 1.gifIf you’re in college, or maybe even late into your high school years, you’ve probably felt this need too. There’s just so much going on, so many papers to right, work and scholarships breathing down your neck… It’s all just far too much! And with so much life still in us, it’s so unnerving to think of what the future will hold. What’s going to happen tomorrow? Am I going to fail that exam? Will I meet the love of my life? Will there ever really be a second season of Ouran Host Club?

But don’t worry guys, Dazai gets it. His love for death is something I think we all relate to more than we’d like to admit. Because wanting to tango with the dark lady herself isn’t as sad nor as dramatic as everyone likes to make it out to be. Sometimes, we embrace it with a smile and for no real known reason; much like Dazai. I’m not sure why Dazai wants to die, or why it has to be with a beautiful woman at his side, but I’ll have what he’s having!

#2: Bugging Your Bestie!

Dazai 6.gifI relate to this the most. I love to bother my best friends at random times in the day just to make them smile… Or sometimes to beg them to help me with a project… tumblr_m9gckikmxf1qzckow.gif Shout out to my Black Moor crew… But it’s not always the way you make it out to be! Sometimes you just need a friend. And most of the time, you believe in that friend.

Dazai does this a lot. Whether he’s bugging his partner or just showing up to mess around with Atsushi, you always get the sense that he genuinely cares about the person he’s with. I always got the sense that he loved to pester his friends with his quirky personality. If it wasn’t to make them smile, it surely made me!

#3: Handling Things Like an Adult. 

Dazai 4.gifYou know exactly what I mean. When in doubt, we peoples over the age of eighteen know exactly how to handle every difficult situation thrown at us! I’m telling you, there’s just something about reaching that magical age where you just know everything. It’s like the crystal skulls from Indiana Jones… So much knowledge… Your brain just sort of swells inside… Growing…

Ok, I’m lying. I myself cry when even a slightly difficult problem arises in my daily life.tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow.gif Don’t judge, we all handle things differently! And Dazai proves that quite a bit, actually. I loved anytime Dazai decided he was going to solve something. Especially in the beginning of the series where he and Kunikida played rock, paper, scissors to make a decision. Definitely something one of my friends and I would do together.

#4: Just Not Dealing With It. 

Dazai 2.gifYou know when you’re just done with something? When you’ve beaten the dead horse over and over? And you’re just done? Or maybe you just zone out long enough and when you come back to reality you’re like “oh”? That’s Dazai. Particularly when he disappears and his interactions with most people from the Port Mafia, I just get the feeling that he wasn’t really having it. Like most college students at the end of a semester.

But that doesn’t mean that he ever gives up! Well, other than the constant threats of merry suicide… Dazai always seems to fight on, as I think we all should! Which is what I think we can all take away from this Anime Hero of the Month. I really love this character for more than just his looks or witty humor. I also love the fact that he’s always looking out for his friends and pushing forward to make everyone stronger.

And that is why Dazai is not only a college student, as I hope I’ve proven in my 4 points, but also our Anime Hero of the Month!

Dazai 5.gif

Who was your anime hero this month? Post it in the comment section below or whisper it into your lover’s ear as they sleep! 

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