Here’s the premiere of a new segment that begs the question, “Why did I watch this
anime?” And I think we can all agree that School Days is the perfect start to such a segment, because after I finished it I had serious doubts about my own sanity.

For those of you who’ve never even heard of School Days, consider yourself not only a pure human being of eternal youth and innocence, but also  a very rare breed of anime fans. Congrats. I will admit, I’ve been putting off watching this anime for the last two years, mostly  because a friend of mine wanted to watch it with me. No, it was not because they themselves had not seen such an anime before, but rather that they’d watched the anime and now wanted to see my witnessing of the madness that is School Days.

Witnessed I did.

I wish I could say that my eye sockets have healed from the assault, but alas, this is not that kind of story. I haven’t even been able to pick up another anime to sooth my blistering wounds. I can’t express the agony I went through watching this misleading animation of lies. Let me tell you a little bit about School Days.

Every hero needs to ride the bus.

School Days is about a strapping young man, Mokoto Ito. Mokoto does what we all expect him to do as a young, male protagonist; he rides the train to school. As a young high school boy, he has wants just like anyone else. And for him, Kotonoha Katsura as his girlfriend is the only thing on his mind… For like an episode. Her friend, Sekai Saionji, also befriends Mokoto and decides she’ll help the two get together.

Now, advice for all of you gorgeous people out there; if some random girl tells you that she wants to help you get a girlfriend? Run. Don’t question it, just run. If I were sitting in class and some girl I’ve never even talked to came up to me and didn’t really ask, but told me she was going to help me get the booty, I’d not only be scared but I’d wonder how many cats she skinned as a child. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have thought that had it not been for my experience with Sekai. Do you see what this anime has one to my perception of people?

Foreshadow at its finest.

For those of you innocent souls who had the unfortunate luck of finding my blog or coming back on the day that I decided to ruin lives, I won’t ruin this anime for you with spoilers. Yes, yes I have decided that I am going to torture other human beings out of a lack of love for myself. Go watch School Days, I triple dog dare ya!

So instead I’m going to focus on something I’ve never focused on in an anime before; the opening. I’m like any other weeb with wants and needs, and a good opening has always been on my list. But I have never felt so out of place with an opening before. School Days managed to do that with both grace and elegance.

I implore you to go look up the opening. Not just the music; the video and all. Because that will tell you exactly where this is going. Hint: literally everyone is naked except for Mokoto. If that doesn’t tell you something about this show, I don’t know what will.

As I’ve said before, this animation will put you through a loop and feed you nothing but lies. Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard of School Days, I think I speak for everyone who’s seen the anime when I say the beginning really threw you off. Everything looks so innocent, but you know this isn’t that kind of anime. Well, the opening is the same way. And later on in the show, it feels so out of place. I would be sitting on my friend’s couch, practically traumatized, and then suddenly… Music! And not just any music, oh no, I’m talking about the happiest soundtrack with girls all dressed in white on the screen. I don’t know what traumatized me more, the story line itself, or the fact that there was such a cheery opening for this anime.

There is nothing innocent about this.

So why did I watch this anime? Because, from what the anime community has made it, it’s a rite of passage in its own twisted sense. Yeah, I said it; School Days is a tradition amongst this community, our community! It’s the one thing you can refer back to when something is just downright wrong or when you’re out at the beach and you see a nice boat (for those of you who’ve watched this anime you know exactly what I’m talking about). And, to be honest, it was something on my bucket list. Hey, don’t judge I have way more exciting things on there too, believe me.

If you’re looking to watch something truly wrong, watch School Days. If you want to prank your friend who’s never seen anime before, recommend School Days. If you’re younger brother just came home from bible study and wants to watch a show that will really reinforce his faith, show him School Days because I can assure you it will do the exact opposite. Oh yes, I am questioning the almighty after watching that one. But you gotta see School Days, if only to get the popular memes and terrible references. So, I ask again, why did I watch this anime? I don’t know. I truly don’t. But maybe you do! Tell me why you watched School Days in the comment section below, or why you think others should watch it!

May God have mercy on our souls…

Me too, Mokoto, me freakin’ too…

Have an anime you think I should consider watching? Submit one and give me one good reason why I should trust you. No other requirements necessary; it can be old or new, bad or good, a chicken or an egg. 

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