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He is beauty, he is grace, he is the epitome of the human race; haven’t you heard? He’s Sakamoto!

I’m genuinely sad that this anime is over. It may have only been twelve episodes, but it was twelve episodes that defined my life. When I think of Sakamoto, I think of flowers blooming in the spring. And no, it’s not just because of the current gif headlining this post. He is Sakamoto-kun and he is simply the greatest.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is about the coolest high school student ever. Think back to your high school years and tell me, where you as cool as him? Fool! Of course not. I just told you, he’s what we as humans can only aspire to be! This anime follows the coolest kid around in his everyday life at school. And trust me, it’s far more entertaining than this definition. Just look at the gifs.

The Good:

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this was by far one of my favorite shows this season. Of course, please don’t watch it if you’re expecting anything even remotely close to serious. This isn’t Clannad.

Sakamoto 5 Gif.gifNo, this is definitely something different altogether. Which is why I loved it so much. I kept expecting things and then I’d find that I was pleasantly surprised at every turn, and that always came with me laughing uncontrollably. It was that element that really made this anime what it is. For example, every time one of Sakamoto’s friends had an issue, he helped solve it, but it was always in an unexpected way. If you ever guessed right at what he was going to do next, you have some serious super powers dude.

And really, there wasn’t much to this anime other than it’s random story lines for each episode. It was simplistic if we just took the theme of a high school student’s day, but that depends on the student right? Sakamoto is definitely and interesting character to the point that his day isn’t what your day will ever be like! I loved this character, and even the others, because the reality was that none of these high school students could really be called “normal”. At least in my humble opinion. Most of them had a quirk, and I think Sakamoto being around had a lot to do with that standing out.

The Bad: 

For what this anime is and what it was striving to be, I don’t think there was anything very off about it. I would argue that in the end, we still never really got to know who Sakamoto really was. But I still think that this part adds to the appeal of the show. It certainly gave an air of mystery to the character and to his overall agenda. But I will admit that I did get a little frustrated that we never really delved into his own story. We really only got to see some development at the very end, noticing that Sakamoto truly does care for all of his friends.

Sakamoto 4 Gif.gifAgain, I didn’t really think too much into this anime. It’s a comedy that wasn’t really meant to have any kind of serious undertone or main story. The basic objective in this series was to simply show the audience the coolest guy they’ll ever meet and how he interacts with his friends on a day to day basis, helping others accomplish and overcome their own struggles.


You should definitely watch this if you have the chance! It was worth it to take time our of my day for this anime. I never really felt anxious to watch another episode, nor did I ever shiver with anticipation when another one released, but I found it was good for down time and when I needed something light to watch and enjoy. Comedy for comedy’s sake.

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Where you the coolest kid in school? Are you still? Tell me how you failed your mother in the comment section below! 


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