For those of you who know me, I’ve never been good at the episodic reviews. It’s just not something that I can promise will be done on time and it’s also something that tends to overwhelm me for some strange reason. You would think that sitting down and watching anime wouldn’t stress me out, but believe me after you’ve studied for exams for five hours straight and you still haven’t reviewed the five episodes released that day because you don’t even had time to watch them, you tend to feel an artery clog and a twitch in your eye.

Nonetheless, I will be reviewing anime seasonally! And I’ve been keeping up the pace so far, but I know it won’t last long once my actual finals for school roll around. Regardless, here’s the anime you can look forward to seeing full reviews on once they end.

screenshot_2016-04-16-15-26-40.pngJoker Game: Okay, so I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes for it. And to be honest, I still don’t know if it’s my taste yet. And yet I can’t help but to watch; the guys in it are just so smooth! See, the main character, Yuuki, does bother me just a little. He’s a by the books man and usually that’d be admirable, but when it comes to me…


Well, let’s just say I prefer the smooth operators in the D Agency a little more (there’s an inappropriate joke in there somewhere, and I’m sure someone has made it at this point). I know I’m going to come to hate about 50% of these characters later on, (I just know it) but I really do think that this anime has potential and I can’t wait to give it a final review.

screenshot_2016-04-16-15-27-29.pngBungo Stray Dogs: Is it just me or is this the season of cool government organizations built on people with particular/special abilities? Because that’s what it’s looking like so far. That being said, I am in love with Bungo Stray Dogs right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop watching it.


The characters kill me, I love the story and the art is so amazing. I think I’ve added several new husbandos since watching the first episode alone. Hopefully nothing happens to make me despise the series; I don’t think my little heart could take it. If all goes like how I imagined it in my head at three in the morning, then you can expect quite a bit of fan love dousing that review once the season is over.

screenshot_2016-04-16-15-28-51.pngSuper Lovers: I cringe as I write this but I know I need one anime to hate this season and I already feel this is the one. Now, believe me, no one loves LGBT anime more than Ashley. But I think Super Lovers is on a dark trail that I don’t want to follow. I know no one is related, it isn’t the family situation or even the characters that bother me, it is simply the age groups.


As the child of parents who’s ages are drastically different, I’ve never considered age gaps to be an issue in relationships. That being said, I don’t promote age gaps when it is so clearly not okay! I feel like there’s a romance component in there (uh, even just the name) when really it’s promoted as “family bonds” between an adult brother and his kid brother… I… Don’t know what to think yet. If you guys can clarify the relationship, or there’s something about it I’m just not getting, comment and help me out!

screenshot_2016-04-16-15-29-56.pngHaven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto:
This is it guys. This is where anime has finally reached it’s peak. This is the lost treasure, the city of Atlantis, the last scoop of ice cream in the bucket. This is the anime that changes your life, makes you feel, makes you want more out of whatever it is you have now.


I am ready to marry this anime and I’ve only watched the first episode so far. If that doesn’t tell you how on board I am with this anime, I don’t know what will. But I can tell you now, this is exactly the blog you’re going to want to read once that baby ends. And I swear to the old gods and the new, if I don’t see a second season announced soon after it’s over, there shall be bloodshed in the streets.

So that’s pretty much it for Spring Anime. I may pick a few more to review, I’m not completely sure yet, but I do know these ones will be up on this site once their seasons end. I apologize for the lack of episodic reviews, but rest assured that I will have other content on here for your lovely eyes to read!

In fact, next week, Geekery Gears will be releasing an amazing podcast and article! Stay tuned as I interview a local cosplayer here in Las Vegas, the lovely miss Becca Davila. If you guys like Fairy Tail, body positivity, roleplay or just like listening to two nerds freak out over cosplay, you’ll love this podcast!

So, what anime are you guys watching this spring? Tell me in the comments below! 




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